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Operating Hours

Monday – Friday:
7am – 7pm


Serving children 18 months to 6 years old.


S$ 1,180.00
S$ 1,480.00
(GST Applicable, Inclusive of Enrichment Programme)

Little Atlas Preschool

Our Vision

Global representation for innovative and true early childhood education

Our Mission

Curriculum and Preschool
To become the leading provider for play-immersive curriculum for children from 18 months to 6 years old, and preparing children with skills, knowledge and dispositions essential for the future ahead.

Educational Research and Curriculum Innovations
To incorporate culturally-appropriate educational research and promote cutting-edge curriculum practices alongside continuous professional development for all educators.

Parents and Community Outreach
To build parent education, collaboration, advocacy and global networking to connect the school learning community to the society.

Our Brand

Children are always our first priority and consideration. Our motto in education is: While children discover learning, we discover children.

Our highly qualified and dynamic management team possesses at least 25 years of accumulated experience in both local and overseas early education establishments.

We value education for all adult partners – parents, educators and the wider community; therefore, we emphasize on educators’ training and parents’ education on a regular basis.

The environment serves as an unwavering teacher for the young child. Our rich learning spaces stress the importance of providing quality play and exploration experiences for our little ones. We believe that it is not the quantity of resources, but the quality of resources we use to engage children in wonderful imagination, multimodal learning and to help them build positive social relationships.

Our Play Philosophy

The core programme is based on play, and children enjoy and are immersed in play when the adults do not interfere. During discovery and experimental play, teachers take photos and videos of the children’s activities. By revisiting these activities during reflection, children are engaged in their learning and are driven to find solutions to their problems through discussions and further explorations. Teachers guide children in making connections and extend their understanding of these concepts through follow-up activities.

Play adventures come at the end of every term, with activities that involve parents and teachers. These adventures can be excursions, parent involvement events to showcase the children’s learning. Children take more pride in their work and build more confidence when they see that the adults are interested and invested in their learning.

Our Curriculum / Our Programme

At Little Atlas, our reflection-centred and play-focused curriculum redefine the relationship between young learners and their environment. Using Play to deliver our unique STEAM+IMC framework, children find joy and take risks in making new discoveries.

Children are constantly engaged in our STEAM-centric curriculum, while discovering more about themselves, society and their environment through play. At Little Atlas Preschool, we challenge our young learners to change their world by changing the way they learn.

Ask them anything… Let children discover learning, while we discover them.

Little Atlas Preschool, inspiring future innovators.




《爱乐思》Inspiring Future Innovators… 幼儿是我们未来的创造者。